Happy Bali Tours


  • Do not forget your credit cards.

  • Respect the Balinese traditions, customs, rituals, and please follow the local rule.

  • Make sure that you bring your sunblock, do not let the sun heat burn your skin. May be Bring a sufficient supply of prescription of the drugs. You may also purchase your medicine supply at local store with ‘’ Apotek ‘’ sign.

  • Please Keep small change with you, and you will never know how it will come in handy.

  • Dress casually, but remember to dress properly when you visit temples or a religious place.

  • Three are any two kind of money changer: one charges commission , and the other no commission.The ones charging a commission usualy offer a higher rate, but the commission charge is taken off the total. The no commission money charger offer a low rate but no charges are taken off. Always count your money before you leave the money charger.

  • When visiting the ceremony a few things you should remember :
    * Always wear a sarong and sash
    * Do not walk in the front of people praying
    * Do not to step on the offering which lying on the ground.
    * Do not sit higher then priest or the offering
    * Woman are not allowed to enter temple during menstruation.


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